All Women Photoshoot - Body Confidence & Empowerment

We wanted to support all women, give all sizes, ages , hights and personalitys the chance to feel impowered, feminine and beautiful!

We wanted to use real , genuine relatable women to model, so social media isn’t full of unrealistic, airbrushed perfection!

Our hopes is to inspire real women to feel more confident, uplifted and even step infront of a camera, stop worrying that the media may make them feel they are “too” to feel that way.. “too” curvy, “too” old, “too short” ( I could go on and on!)

We want women to support women, female ran buisnesses, or just a ‘you look amazing!’

-Its not always easy being a girl, theres a lot of pressure to look how these models look, the issue is – it’s a bit of a loosing game. THEY don’t look like that (hello photoshop!)

-I WANT to see a short girl model a dress, so I as a short girl can actually tell where it will fall! , I WANT to see cellulite so I feel more normal about mine – and I don’t want to be told what I can and cant ware because of my size, shape, age , hight – ill have pink hair when im 80 thankyou very much! (turns up spice girl song!)


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Its not all about sparking confidence and making women feel amazing (and giving them that model experience!) its about women supporting women too! We had a all-female supplier list and our ladys ranged from ages 21- 53 and sizes 8 – 22 to really help celebrate all kinds of women!


Ourgirls are now proudly being shown off by our clothing brand on their webpage and social media! (


Meaning we have started to succeed to help change the media ; have real , relatable and gorgeous women modelling!



Want to join in?


All women photoshoots provide unique, empowering and pampering model experiences to women across the east midlands, all packages include hair styling with me (Plaits and Pin Curls) along with pro makeup and 1-2-1 photoshoots


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