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Frequently asked questions


How do I book?

You can fill out an inquire form (see menu ) or call 07511563997 and arrange a time to do one together over the phone

Once I have all your information, I can let you know if I’m available!


How and when do I pay my deposit?

Once I let you I’m available you can pay your deposit, I will send you a text with my bank details on, and you transfer your £20.00 , or package amount ( if you’ve chosen a hair care package ) – then your day is secure , it’s also a perfect time to book a trial or discuss any hair problems!

Its best to book and pay a.s.a.p as dates disappear fast (especially Saturdays march-September!)


What if there’s any problems?

Unfortunately I can only do my best with ‘big changes’ its unlightly I will be able to re-book your wedding date if you move it, what you fill out on your form is what is expected, unfortunately any large changes can’t be guaranteed and your deposit may be lost!

Touch wood you won’t need it; but I believe hair is art, if I’m not the artist for you, you have 10 days from the date of your trial to get in touch, your deposits will be returned to you (unless you are within 30 days of wedding date )

If you would like more than one trial, no problem! Just like trying on wedding dresses, these things can take a few goes , just ask for details


How should I prepare my hair?

Freshly washed and completely dry! Unless told otherwise, wet hair is a nightmare and unfortunately not much will last (especially if I’m trying to fit in drying and styling!)

Washing the night before with two good shampoos and little conditioner is normally best, the better you treat it, the better the results !


What will I need to provide?

Just a chair, plug and close parking and table or counter top (nothing lower than a dinner table) if you don’t have one, I can bring my little fold out one, just let me know! – unfortunately some venues charge for parking, this will be added to your bill.

If you’d like to set up a mirror; please do!


How about extensions?

Please let me know if you plan to use hair pieces! I can give recommendations so we both can rest easy your extensions are well matched to your hair and beautiful! I will always recommend you are matched by a professional to see the best results.



A £20.00 deposit is required by the bride to secure the date.

At the trial £20.00 is also required from each bridesmaid to secure their time/space on the wedding date on top of their trial cost.

These deposits are taken off the wedding day bill only when bookings are honoured


How far do you travel?


Anywhere! I am based in Leicestershire and my usual areas are around derby, Nottingham, Newark, Leicester (the east midlands)


Generally (and every booking is different , depending on date and party size/time)

I travel within an hour for a petrol fee (£15-£20.00 added to your bill)


If its further afield in the UK (London, Leeds, St.Ives – anywhere in the uk)

I require the cost of 1 nights hotel stay to be covered, on top of your hair styling bill

As long as it’s around 30 minutes or less to your venue, is a 4* (or above) hotel/guest house -


Your welcome to try find the best deal, or set me the task (I like a good bargain!)


The deposit and hotel stay fund is sent over, I then book the room and send you the confirmation – but for safety reasons it will be booked with my card, and will be none refundable.


However a detailed contract will be sent over to put you at ease.



How do I know what products to use?

The hair care packages can be changed around, if you wish to book - you get a choice of 4 shampoo and conditioner duo's (Volume, Daily, Repair and Colour shield) the products can be changed for one more suited to your hair, if other products are better suited, if product are similar cost, its simply swapped, should it be more or less you will get a unique price- I can help you decide what’s best, and the products are under guarantee (within reason)

Just let me know if you’d like more information - Lauren on 07511563997


Any big No, Nos?

I ask for no smoking and dogs/cats to be safely put away, the hairspray in the atmosphere falls on their fur, I feel it’s unfair on the animal is health and safety for myself, and they tend to stand on wires or jump.

It is important to let me know if you don’t have a table, it’s no problem, I can bring my little fold out one however again, its health and safety to not put hot products on the floor/seats etc., if it’s not on a table (dinner table or taller) my insurance won’t cover burns/fires/damage (Sorry! GHDs are just so easy to stand on or get tangled in!)



Please be aware no booking is guaranteed without a filled out booking form and deposit received, deposits are non-refundable but are taken from the wedding day bill when your booking is honoured.

Should you not be able to honour your booking or if you’re wedding date/time/information changes I will do my best to adapt to the new information, however it is not guaranteed and may result in a loss of your deposits (moving your wedding date is not advisable, as I may have other bookings)

Should you wish to cancel your booking for any reason you have 10 days after the date of your trial to get in touch, your deposits will be returned (unless trial is held within 30 days of wedding/event date) if for any reason you book and cancel two or more trials, this may result in the loss of your deposit and wedding date, I book a lot of time out for trials and wedding dates (and order a lot of product and grips) your deposit will simply help me cover those loss’s .


Large/early wedding bookings, deposits and costs may change;

I may need to take on another stylist, although ill do the ‘back and forth’ every stylist has a different cost and deposit, so each booking is different,

Although they don’t work for myself, I can say I only invite women who run their own successful business that are recommended of I have worked with before, I’m lucky to be in a network of women who support each other in this way


Hair is truly my passion, my T&Cs are in place to protect that wedding hair always remains more than a job to me.


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Lauren King


Local to Leicestershire LE12