Keeping Safe

Keeping us all safe

as a fellow pandemic bride


Covid has turned wedding planning upside down!

I know, from a self-employed business in the wedding trade, but also as a 2020 bride

So it’s all about keeping safe, looking after the bride after you and looking fantastic

Our Values

Fresh clean masks

Clean hands & sanitizer

My own room

No unnecessary onlookers

PPE & C-19 cleaning methods

Open windows

Track and trace form (below) filled

Our Story

We legally got married on 23/3/20 so the day of lockdown! We made it by the skin of our teeth and I cried absolutely all my makeup off (ha!) (4 guests no reception)

– We then rearranged ‘the big day’ since our Friday 27/3/20 date was now in lockdown ; after the 4th date move and facing a 2023 date I just lost heart, I was crying at everything and not enjoying myself  , so when in August 2020 Boris brought back 30 and a restricted reception option, I jumped!

I planned our blessing in 8 days at a venue I had never been too, got my dress on and had my brother lead our ceremony, it was not exactly what we had planned, but it was sweet, safe and full of people we loved !

Mask - Clean Hands - Space - Open Windows 

My own room / space - Clean and Clear working space (counter, chair and plug) and feeling well.

To be filled in 3 days - 24 hours any appointment with myself 

loss of taste/smell
covid-19 (positive test)
cold/flu like symptoms
Ive had my jab, but promise to continue following H&S
No - but its a very larger room so LOTS of space and number under 6 (inc you)
we need to chat !

Future bookings - 

Please note as a self emloyed close contact service that holds my own risk assement , many heath and saftey efforts may contine long after 'rules change' -

This means even 2022 brides should book with the mindset of space, open windows and even masks

I will coninue to update as time passes , But i withhold the right to prolong PPE/COVID meassures as part of my own T&C.