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Well Hello!

 And thanks for popping by!

 I'm Lauren, and obviously I like hair!

I'm a whirlind of clashing colours and mismatched clothes - you never really know if I'll arrive in full 1950's or charity shop odditys. If you follow my social media you'll know I have a bit of an obsession for my cat Mufasa (I fear most my followers are really just wanting cat updates, this pleases me).

After all can a human who doesn't melt over toe-beans really be trusted with your wedding hair?

I have been in the 'biz' since I was 14 and learning from my mum before then! I have been running my very own bridal hair business for 7 years now! Yes, crazy- I belive in one wedding a day and making sure the bride has eaten and mum isn't faffing(she is).

I absolutly LOVE a good run down, it calms my soul knowing who's first, second and third (this isnt my first rodeo!) and I even carry a 'calm kit' that includes earphones and the Calm app if I feel you need a moment of silence or an excuse to block out your party (I'm bossy that way).

Really, I just like to take care of you, create some nice hair and if I can reccomend ways to give you an easier morning thats makes me happy too!

When I'm not doing bridal hair I do alot of styling for clothing brands, live demos, training, magazines or just your usual hairdressing!

So thats me - and if we can avoid any Call the Midwife, Stranger Things or YOU spoilers, we will get on just fine!

Ive also recently started Blogging!

Ive ALWAYS avoided spelling, My Dyslexia hasnt helped my confience in Maths or English or sharing 'my side' but hay!

After meeting so many children with learning disablities not beliving they can run a buisnesses, i wanted to show you CAN have a platform, bad spelling isnt bad art.

Awards and acheivments




Featured by VOGUE

I also had the pleasure of styling backstage at LFW in 2019

for some amazing designers and names.


I also worked with Indola creative team to style the women of Miss England for a Times Magazine Editorial Shoot, it was infact a front cover shoot too, and beyond double page spread.

I styled 3 of the womens hairs that ended up in print (see photo).

I was also chosen to compete in Hairdressers Journal Bridal Hairdresser of the Year Award!  I'm not in the least bit shy to say, this is probably my proudest, most surreal, never in my wildest dreams moment ever (this is the hairdresser quivilent of Brad Pitt calling you a cutie pie!). Hundreds if not thousands of stylists apply and just 6 are chosen based on work and portfolio - so off to London for an international award to work on the biggest interantional hairdressing stage!

I'm a very, very proud international finalist.

National Award - Bridal Hair

I'm proud to say that me and my rather cheesy grin have been awarded a National 1st & 2nd place in hair styling, alongside overall awards in hair artisty "Best in show" three times now!

This is a live professionals only awards held at the NEC, I've truly enjoyed my time in these shows and can't wish whoever takes my title enough luck; I have learnt all I can from them now - but I couldnt be prouder!

Women's Awards

I was so chuffed with this! I was nominated, shortlisted and a proud runner up for the Women in Buisness Awards in 2018, in the Rising Star Awards!

It was really wonderful to hear what my brides and clients thought of me, enough to fill out forms, vote and just take the time to do it.

I am of course just a one woman show and still in my 20's - it was simply wonderful to be rolling with big buinsesses with huge amounts of staff with so much more experience. (Thank you for the support!)


Lauren King

Local to LE12 // East Midlands

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