Its my biggest priority ! (alongside stunning hair!)

You simply cant feel relaxed and enjoy your morning unless you know what to expect? right!?

Well thats how I roll anyway, COVID-19 changed the world in so many ways, one small way was the hair and beauty industy, we simply cant just stand in your space anymore; without taking proper precautions and valuing steps that may keep ourslves and out next bride safe .

So whatever side of the fence your on, for me - Plaits and Pin Curls is now a community , a sisterhood! and these will help us keep our mums and nans and pregnant bridesmades that little bit more relaxed.

Hand Washing Upon Arrival 

Yes, i will ask and ask of you to wash hands on arrival, and before each new person sits in my chair

I will also wash my hands before i touch a new head

It is not yet clear if i can ware gloves but seems unlighly due to heat and gripping grips.

You can help by having clear, clean sinks, pump top handwash and kitchen roll or clean towels - even as far as one per person 

My Car wheel and used areas will be wiped before and after each new home is visited , such as phones, kit , so even personal iteams are kept to standard 

This helps stop cross contaminates 

You can help by bringing and having minimum in my 'space' or room, leave food, drinks, toys , kids, animals, and anything else aways/out - it simply adds time i dont have- and of course allow me to arrive at a clean and clear , ready space! I simply cant pick up and move personal iteams now without recleaning everything.

A Fresh gown will be put on each new client, a new apon for myself 

This is all put in a drawstring canvas washbag (not mask ,Please i should never touch your mask.) 

and washed at above 60 and never crossed

area wiped and sanitized between each new person, this will add time to the service ill require space and support.

waviers , tempreture testing and checking updates may be the new normal, 

making sure nobody is sick, has been exposed is so impotant not only for my heath , your wedding but my next bride too- my buisness suddenly runs off trust and sisterhood! 

So alongside following govement recomendations and guidelines, ill have my own system in place to help prevent me visitng home and brides if i have been unknowingly exposed.

you will have to sign a form promising to contact me if you get symptoms, its a hard tactic for unpaid self employed.

but for again, i cannot social distance - were in this together and i know well all do what we can to see eachother get down that aisle (that includes myself, i still have a date booked! ahh!) 

well get this sorted girls! 

Ill do just one bridal party a day!

help limit risks! 

Help me, dont allow unecessary guests, see them later!

Give suppliers their own room/space whenever possible , and even arrange timetables so people are leaving as others arrive so the house doesnt get crowded!

It seems masks could be a part of your wedding morning depending on date, i cannot distance and do your hair.

I protect you, you protect me.

I hate them too, and mine catches ALL the chemicals in the spray, so please; lets support and help eachother and get through this with kindness

Loss of smell/taste
High Temp
awaiting results from a COVID 19 test
been to *any* airport
been in hospital/hospital stay
worked on a COVID ward/ frontliner with contact
think youve been in contact/have been told to self icolate (even by a app)
are living with a sheilding person/are sheilding
are living/bubbled with anyone with covid/covid symptoms
Yes, i have read the above.
I Agree


Everyone being styled must sign their own, you can do it on behalf of anyone without a computer but dont guess - you must call or vistit (if allowed) and ask.

No Waiver - no styling , you will be charged a late cancelation fee, this is a new way of life and these must be filled between 3 days before the service to 24 hours before 

(so the week leading upto the service)  

I know its a pain, ( i have to do the admin!)

But Its reasurance for us both.

I cannot social distance or control my surroudings, so my risk assesments may be diffrent to salons or other places, thats okay! 

For me its getting information before i start so theirs less stress when i arrive - Mobile hair always keeps me on mye toes but this is a new ball game , thankfully ive always been lucky in the most lovely brides!

Ive every faith we can pull together and keep eachother safe , (and learn to roll with the masks) 


Lauren King

Local to LE12 // East Midlands

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