Its my biggest priority ! (alongside stunning hair!)

You simply cant feel relaxed and enjoy your morning unless you know what to expect? right!?

Well thats how I roll anyway, COVID-19 changed the world in so many ways, one small way was the hair and beauty industy, we simply cant just stand in your space anymore; without taking proper precautions and valuing steps that may keep ourslves and out next bride safe .

So whatever side of the fence your on, for me - Plaits and Pin Curls is now a community , a sisterhood! and these will help us keep our mums and nans and pregnant bridesmades that little bit more relaxed.

Hand Washing Upon Arrival 

Yes, i will ask and ask of you to wash hands on arrival, and before each new person sits in my chair

I will also wash my hands before i touch a new head

It is not yet clear if i can ware gloves but seems unlighly due to heat and gripping grips.

My Car wheel and used areas will be wiped before and after each new home is visited 

This helps stop cross contaminates 

A Fresh gown will be put on each new client, a new apon for myself 

and a new mask for me and ideally you too (done before)

this is all put in a drawstring canvas washbag (not mask) 

and washed at above 60 and never crossed

Products, tools, chairs and area will be wiped down between each client,

alongside handwashing , gownchanging and PPE swapovers 

this will lightly add alot of extra time pressure! 

Ill do just one bridal party a day!

help limit risks! 

Your Wavier form may ask you about your heath and job, this is because i COULD decide to leave 2 weeks or more between a vunrable service and a frontline worker -

Social Distancing 

is still in full force, 

you wont be aloud in the room/space unless your actually being styled

you may be asked about set outs and room designs 

no unecessary or uninvited guests!

Youll be asked to fill this form/wavier out, and each person who hopes to be styled the week before your service,

and email it to me

Its important because it lets me know what to expect 

But also i know that you have visited this page and understoodread and informed yourself of my new measures.

if you struggle to download this, please email me, ill send you a copy

or whatsapp me for a quicker reply at 07511563997 

to be clear, each and every person must have one, if you are filling one out for another person PLEASE ask them their symptoms, do not assume! 

T&C at a glace - 

deposit - non refundable 

i cannot refund work i have already done (trials)

you can rearnage trials, if its less than 2 months notice thre is a fee in my T&Cs, this is MOSTLY optional in this hard time.

you MUST rearrnage if you or any party member feels unwell, its unlightly you will be charged a fee; but i cant garentee with no govement help it depends how much prodcut i brought

if you allow me to turn up, knowing your unwell, i wont enter, you will be charged and risk having your wedding day cancelled, i wont allow you to risk my or other brides heath, we are a community now.

if you or any of your party are sick on your wedding day, the same rules apply (im so sorry!) i am inittled to full payment of you bill, this will be a case by case desiction , however is lightly to be only a small % to keep my afloat in buisness.

if i am unwell, trials will be rearranged, wedding days i will do my upmoast to find cover, and prepayment of wedding funds will be transfered drirectly to the new artist.


Lauren King

Local to LE12 // East Midlands

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