Hair Demos, Shoots and Event styling

Feedback from Live DEMOS ....

Seagrave WI "we had to ring the bell or the women may never have left!"

Quorn Girl Guids "we really enjoyed it!"

Private hair lesson "i feel like ive picked up so many tips, just even on simple things like curling ! "

Quorn Girl Guids "i cant belive ive been using hair grips wrong my intire life untill this night!"

Hair demos & Tutorials

From the Womens Institute to the Girl Guides ive provided live hair talks/demos to women for the past 3 years!

my talk vairy depending on the group setting, and can be booked privately or for any group/institution/organization

my most popular options are 

- braid and plaits, how to create a rose from hair 

- teaming up with makeup artist friend for a rashion inspired makeover with modern day products taking on victory rolls and red lipstick

-1-2-1 or small group how to curl hair like a pro 

starting from £65.00 per demo/tutorial

or if you are qualified and just lack confidence you can book by the hour and choose your own lesson plan! learn what YOU need, the style YOU struggle with avalible mid week Nov - Feb from £85 for 1 hour training and £45 per hour past


ITS NOT ALL BRIDAL, i do all sorts of styling, every kind of party or event!

Im local to Loughbrough/Leic and have a minimum party size for weekends (3) from office head shots to engagment shoots, birthday blowdrys to braiding bars and hair demos- from the fancy to just fancied and pamper!

From Local to National and international publications i also style hair for Magazine/photoshoot/session styling both online and in paper print.

Ive been featured by The Times Magazine, Vouge , Hairdressers Journal International , Your East Midlands Bridal Magazine, Mane Magazine to name a few .

Promo/session styling,  for clothing brands adverting uses in catalogs, websights and magazines alongside relaxed social media adverts 

from bridal shops to UK clothing brands 

Its not just Bridal hair or photoshoots, its all events and occations!

From Proms, Partys, NYE, Balls and any events -

and even private photoshoots like baby announcements

I usually require a group of 3 people for a weekend but just ask!