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So 2020 could be the year not everyone can have a stylist in person, from sheilding to restrictions - there was only one thing to do, come to you via computer screen! 

So im slowly putting together beautiful, simply step by step tutorials you can follow at home for your smaller more intimate ceremonies , and still feel beautiful, pampered and look AMAZING

Taking the stress out of 'what to do' .

You pick your style, follow your look, and hit that aisle knowing you've had some support, simple!

So why Virtual?

Well.... three reasons 

1) As you can see I was a 2020 bride, and even as a hairdresser I stupidly took 13 seconds 13 grips and just rushed my hair and makeup, The day was lovely!

I honetly didnt care a bit I was just SO glad to get married.

But i do wish i would have had something to force me to just sit and take it in, feel pampered and special.

2) As a bridal hair stylist and spending time as a Teaching Assitant i think the two will marry up just as nicely as you pair! ;)

3) I had people i simply couldnt have with me, but where ment to be, for me as a bride no gift seemed to cut it, and i genuenly hope your all together!

But if not, being able to send a tutoral to someone and let them feel part of it, is something i wanted to create! 


Lauren King

Local to LE12 // East Midlands

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