T&C and most asked questions.

How do I book? Fill out the form on this page, and depending on your choice ill email or call! Ill also let you know if I’m unavailable (please note I only get to my emails once a week due to the busy nature of my work! Usually Mondays)

What about deposits? I take a £50 deposit for just myself or a £80.00 deposit overall if it’s me and my assistant (I’ll let you know if she’s needed, its number and time depending!) deposits are taken off the wedding day bill only when the booking is honoured. I take the deposit upon booking to secure the date. no date is secure without a deposit 

can i add on or take away assitants? im quite protective over my lovely assitant! she does have her own job, if a deposit has been paid to secure her that deposit (like mine) is non refundable to help her cover costs, if you decide to 'risk it' and not put a extra £30 deposit down she may well take another job! and the majority of assitants start at £50pp , my advise is to snap her UP!

           Can I get my deposit/money back? I charge a very low deposit, if you decide to cancel the low deposit simply helps cover the admin time and bookings I may have turned away – usually it doesn’t come up; but deposits are non-refundable. No date is secure without a deposit. however of course theres a 'cooling off period' for deposits, as for wedding days, again its only come up once (very sadly a brides venue was flooded!) obviously this is a hard one, i dont have a boss or sick pay or holiday pay, ive had to look after my family and say any less than 2 months notice of a wedding cancelation, full payment will still be expected 2 weeks before the original date, however, your insurance should cover it! - and if you get a new date and i am avalible i will do my best to transfere, if im fully booked , payment will be expected. (a note to say, i cannot wait past the expected date for payment to hear of a new date) .

   How do I pay? Bank transfer – I can take cash payment if you let me know however generally its via bank/PayPal – your deposit is taken upon booking, trial cost is paid at the trial ( I ask for a quick flash of you conformation before I leave) and wedding date 2 weeks before the big day.

What about trials? For a week day trial (usually  10am) I require a 2 person minimum , bride and bridesmaid for a Saturday I require a 3 person Minimum, bride and 2 bridesmaids. This is simply because it could have been someone’s big day and I could have turned away a 7 person party, this is why I ask brides to be respectful of trials and give as much notice as possible if they need to rearrange/cancel – multiple cancelations or rearrangements/not being in of trials can result in me cancelling your wedding date with no deposit refund. This is to help protect myself and other brides from time wasters. (remember 2 weeks isn’t a lot of notice in bridal hair, people book years in advance) my advice is book trials well in advance! 3/4 months before the big day, but most my brides book trials and days in one big go.... i like that!

       How do I prep my hair? Clean fresh and totally dry, night before is rule of thumb and the better quality shampoos the more I can do!

What if were Mrs and Mrs? Just let me know if I need to factor in a room change (if you’re not getting ready together) as my kits hot and I’ll need cooling down time to be factored in! however normally due to heathy and saftey room changes are a no go, but for Mrs and Mrs i can factor it in!

Do you need to know what hairstyles before you arrive? Just show me at the trial! We’ll have a good chat then !

       Do I get a invoice ? You’ll get a text conformation upon booking, and at your trial you’ll get a full invoice and run down! (so, email, call, text, deposit, trial, invoice, big day is the usual run of things!)

What if I want more than one trial? That’s fine! Book as many as you like. (*limited Saturdays available ) Where do you travel? Anywhere! But im local to the east midlands/leic/notts/derby and I come to you on the trial and big day! If you want me further around the globe it can result in extra petrol/travel costs and even a hotel stay.

Is it just hair? Yes, but I can recommend some MUAs just ask!

what if i move my date? 

i can only do my best, needless to say realistically our contract is for your origanal date, so unless you pay a new deposit, im just doing what i can! i cannot garentee their wont be price rises or changes.

     Any big NOs? Big scary jumpy dogs (or fiancés lol) smoking and hair to dirty to style! (night before is usually fine for a wash!) I sometimes need an open window if it’s getting to hairspray-y and a chair, plug and table that’s tall enough for hot tools –

please note i can only say 'yes' to whats on the form above, any changes may be charged or result in a loss of booking and loss or deposit(quoteing 3 bridesmaids and changing to 0, changing date ect)i reserve the right to collect full payment for the agreed sum, if less than 2 months notice has been given to changes.


Heath and Safety/Acts of God/Extreme Weather 

> I require no smoking or vaping around me, and doors to be closed behind the smoker, I am a non-smoker and working with flammable chemicals . 

>any transmittable/open wounds/ or illnesses/ viruses/ sickness  I reserve to right to refuse to style/finish styling this includes nits, ringworm, impetigo, sickness bugs, shingles and any further issues – although I am not a qualified doctor anything I deem dangerous to my heath or that could infect/contaminate myself or my kit/coombs ect and carry to other clients I can refuse to do even if I have started but not finished, i alsp have the right to not enter a household and ask my client details on their condition/issue to help prevent contamiation/spreading -for trials i require nobody in the house hold to have been suffering for the reccomended time (see govement or doctor advice, eg: sickeness and diorreah 24hr sinch the LAST symptoms)or any 'watchers' or 'bystanders' /visitors or clients to have or still be suffering/showing symptoms, with advanced notice I can discuss payment options , anything from a small rearangement fee to a simple thankyou - but on the wedding day no refund will be given and I cannot garneted the effectiveness of proper sterilising equipment when travelling from venue to venue, hair will not be styled, full payment will be taken - with honesty i could try help find a alternitive option (agian your insurancve should cover you)

> in extreme weather the you will be given the option of paying for a taxi to take me to and from your venue should my car be unable to manage the snow ect, should the roads be to bad for even a taxi its unlightly your guests will be able to attend and you may find you have to rearrange your date ; I can only offer to do my best and help if I’ve not already got a bride on your new date. I am a confident driver however ive a small 0.1 engine and will follow highways England/MET office advice on driving. 

> I require updates on any changes, especially contact numbers, dates, time to be ready/let in and numbers 

> No date is secure without a deposit and conformation text received. 

> I reserve the right to ask any dangerous, disruptive or rude person/animal/child to leave the room/area I’m working in if I feel their behaviour could endanger/upset my work (This is mostly excitable dogs that like to jump up, I’ve quite literally been burned due to a dog jumping at my curler wire!) 

> I require safe and close parking, if this is not offered/available the bride will be responsible for any parking tickets or costs this includes NCP parking for central weddings. (ill simply pick the closets not the cheapest as I’ve a lot of kit) 

> Once assistance/help has been paid for this cost cannot be refunded/returned 

>if I advise help is needed from my assistant or other self-employed hair businesses; and advise isn’t taken or assistant/recommended party doesn’t receive deposit in a timely manner/cannot get hold of you/ignoring messages please expect that stylist to ‘move on’ and take other booking – this could result in you losing your deposit and booking as I’m unable to provide styling for all the party and my ‘help’ has now got a new booking. (Remember you earn less taking on a bridesmaid only party, so it’s lovely when stylist offer to assist/help for large party’s! ) 

> I require a plug, chair and table for hot tools, tables must be dinner table height or more not too low to the floor for heath reasons 

>by paying your deposit you are agreeing to my terms and conditions and agreement to pay

> I cannot lend or let my kit be used by others this includes brushes and hairspray, if you haven’t booked please don’t ask to use my kit or products (they are pricey/H&S!) 

> Please pre book for vegan hair so I can pre buy the correct kit 

>> I’m impressed your reading all this, you go girl! 

>Sickness , I have a 99.9% attendance in bridal hair wedding days, I have in place a emergency cover group full of local stylist, should the worst happen I will promise to do my absolute best to find a replacement,(and my family are aware should any incident or injury happen to check my app to see if I have a bride and use the group) however I am human I can only offer to do my absolute best and promise I really would have to be on my death bed to not turn up, your paid cost would go towards another stylist to cover, however work already done (trials|) cannot be returned 

> I will not change rooms/venues once set up unless planned at trial. (unless I ask) 

> Please be thoughtful on music volume and flash photography as I want to get the hair perfect they can be disarming


Lauren King

Local to LE12 // East Midlands

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