Money/Deposits & Payment

From April 1st 2020 a £50 non-refundable deposit will be taken to secure any date wishing to be held (bookings made before this was £20) this allows me to save your date, cover admin time, calls , emails and resources – this is a non-refundable costing / no date is  secure without a deposit , a deposit can only hold one date  (wedding) paid via bank transfer .

Should COVID-19 or any more unavoidable disasters/acts of god/ extreme weather/ Pandemics or useable circumstances arise I can only offer to rearrange your date to the best of my ability , this means if I have a free date to move you to, if I already have a bride booked or other engagements your deposit will be lost, should you rearrange your date drastically (a year/ from a week day to a Sunday ect) I cannot guarantee to abide by the pricelist originally given since our dated contact has been broken, and product and insurance rises will happen regardless .

Trial costs are to be paid via bank transfer or paypal at the trial – 

Wedding day costs are paid 2 weeks before the date via bank transfer or paypal.

Cancelations and fines –

To cancel a trial you may result in a £30-£50 charge to cover stock items and time I took off work if you cancelled with less than 4 weeks’ notice , I still withhold the right to charge for wasted time or trip out.

Short notice or late cancelations of multiple trials (messing me around) may result in a fine or cancelation of your wedding day, your trial may have been someone’s very special day that I turned away – please be kind to my livelihood and that they were turned away.

Wedding day – rearrangements or cancellations at short notice

payment is due 2 weeks before the date , if you should cancel after this time its lightly your money will be lost; i may choose to refund part of your payment but keep some to cover kit and stock i brought in prepration for the date booked, this is within my rights.

Please note – deposits or trials I have already preformed cannot be refunded.

No payment will result in me not arriving to style.

arriving to style to find less than the promised party number (your form) is present (aka 2 bridesmaids simply 'havent shown' or are so late its impossible for me to style them) you may be charged a 'loss of earnings fee'  on either the trial or wedding date, i may choose not to charge you the full amount of the styling cost but between £15-35 may be kept to cover product , time and bookings i could have made elsewhere. - 

if you are found to knowingly be breaking the law, ignoring your leagal duitiy to self icolate and basically invite me in to style; by paying your deposit and inviting me to style, agreeing on your form its safe youve broken the law and our contract and i reserve the right to charge you £150 loss of income fee to cover my 2 weeks unpaid self icolation....and honestly to show im not okay with helping anyone break the law.


with the introduction of COVID-19 in our lifes sickness and lockdown is very much part of life, however i simply am unable to run a buisness sucsessfully stying for one mobile: for now im lowering my LOI-fee to £15 rather than £35, and not mandating what you filled out on your forms before COVID was a 'thing' (thats seems unfair) 

My minimum styling is 2 for mid week and 3 for weekends,im working on a fair and kind argreement within this .

Trials & invoices & minimum styling


Saturday – 3 PERSON MIN 

trials are offered mid week only, i advose all teachers to book school holiday dates well in advance and if a midweek trial is genuinly not going to work a minimum or 3 people and wedding day costs may be charged, i simply cant turn away brided for trials lightly,

Held mobile – usually around 10am so it can drop and you can see it in the daylight (my advice)

This is fairly similar to wedding days; At your trial you receive a full run down of your day, what time to expect me, who’s 1st , 2nd, 3rd ect – and a emailed invoice payment dated 2 weeks before the date




Extreme weather

Should weather be so bad it’s advised I’m not able to drive or I feel I may endanger my own or another life, its lightly your venue won’t be able to operate – however I do drive a very small car! – Your options will be paying for a taxi to safely drive me to and from your venue, or to come to me; however be warned If I can’t get to you, I’m not taking that lightly!

I will do my best to fit in a new date and style you then however this is the risk of a winter wedding.


Sickness/flus/viruses/infectious/diseases and skin issues

I cannot hold service if my own heath or anybody else’s heath is in danger, I withhold the right to leave no matter what stage I am in service without refund.

I cannot style on hair that has Head lice, open wounds, recovering from surgery, unclean (beyond styling) , has ringworm or any other issue I deem worrisome

I cannot work on a person who has conjunctivitis, 24 hour bug, has vomited or cold or flu symptoms including COVID-19 within the NHS safety guidance to keep myself and future clients safe

I cannot possibly note, mention , understand and know all known and future sicknesses, illnesses, bugs, flues, viruses, infections , diseases and issues that will effect a close contact service but I reserve the right to stop service if I suspect it may be harmful to my health or others, or refuse service if my risk assessment deems necessary without notice. 

This now includes cancelling and trying to find an alternative stylist because I myself have been told to isolate/am showing symptoms myself to keep you safe from COVID-19 virus (if im well enough to do so)

Or asking you to rearrange/ fill in track and trace and take temperature reading at the door and refuse service to temperatures and anyone showing a cough during this pandemic or any future heath risks or 'passable' issues , this included being able to work in myself but being told not to work from higher authoritys such as the goverment or a doctor/army/ect - your appointment will lightly be cancelled and help found , i cannot refund work done; and deposits are none refundable but prepaid money will be transfered over to new help.


Your form inquiry is very important, that’s what you’re putting a deposit down to secure, date, people, time!  I know were all human and things may move a little and I’ll do my best, but I cannot guarantee I can always cover large contact changes such as 5 bridesmaids dropping out, a date change or moving your venue across the world.

Your deposit and booking may simply be lost if your form becomes so changed or I can’t keep up or it’s drastic enough to affect me being able to agree to style; of course sometimes its simple out of my hands, I may already have a booking if you pick a new date or not be able to find an assistant to help style 10 bridesmaids.

Changes to inquiry forms are made at your own risk, however I’m a small business and I always try my best!


Needing an assistant

Depending on your party, assistant costs and rules vary, mostly your deposit cost grows and that too is non-refundable (they have a business to run!) they are sent a copy of what I produce at trial and a list of timings and I do all the leg work!

Costs differ, however it’s worth it to not wake up at 2am! They will have their own rules and regulations but because they are assisting me, they will only speak up if they are really worried, it’s my job to keep them safe and happy! (I invited them!) So I’ll be very protective!

Usually deposits are between £30 and £50 (on top of mine) and I try to recommend girls that work at similar costs, so it’s all taken off the bill at the end just like mine is!



I am fully insured – and qualified, with Public and personal liability and because I’m mobile my car is also fully insure too.


Please have clean dry hair that was washed the night before unless told otherwise. – dry dry dry !



  • No smoking around me or my tools (or in the same room) OR VAPING.
  • No Room swaps unless pre planned and paid (£60 minimum )
  • Keep children and animals away unless being styled (kids not dogs… although SOUNDS CUTE)
  • I need a chair, plug and table at a reasonable height to reach hot tools from
  • New COVID measures must be followed or I can refuse service without refund
  • Safe secure parking that’s close must be provided, ticketed parks must be paid for by client, if you advise my parking and i recive a penalty/ticket the costs will be asked of you, i trust you to keep me safe at your home! 
  • I may require help upstairs with kit bags (bad back)
  • I’m pro breastfeed! But please not whilst I’m styling hairspray taste gross!
  • Flash photography can be very disarming, blinding and tools are hot, please don’t let me style blind (I hate burns!)
  • Keep music and noise to a reasonable level (trying to think)
  • Make sure I have reasonable space
  • I cannot lend my kit, please don’t ask to borrow or use a little or anything until this pandemic has long gone! I need to be HARSH on this
  • respect social distancing 
  •  lets be kind, my next bride may be pregnant.


Mask - Clean Hands - Space - Open Windows 

My own room / space - Clean and Clear working space (counter, chair and plug) and feeling well.