The Small Print

The Small Print...

What should i do if i do test positive within 7 days of my wedding?

                       - be honest! text, keep me up to date ; because if a bridesmaid 'lets slip' (and they always do) I reserve the right to halt styling without finishing or refund,

However if i'm aware we can discuss how to keep me safe and lower risk i'll have to cancel my next bride .... its all about kindess and honesty with me! 

Booking and inquiry –

- All bridal bookings must be made via the inquiry form on my website for paper trail purposes (

- The form you fill in to inquire is the Information I’m agreeing too, this means changes to numbers, dates, times, location ect is a change in our agreement, theirfore deposit and bookings may be lost should changes occur I’m unable to keep up with or clash with my T&C or H&S , this is lightly to result in loss of deposit and booking.

- Any missing/miss information or mistakes made on the form is for the inquirer (bride) to check and take responsibility for , should you book for the wrong date/time ect , the agreement has been made for these details, you may be charged a fee, have to place a new deposit for a new date or face cancellation without refund if I’m unable to commit to new information.

Deposits/ booking –

- I charge a £50 non refundable deposit per booking (wedding/bride) , this is taken off the wedding/event day bill only when all T&C , H&S and Booking is honoured (with information on inquiry form)

- If the bride/booker/inquirer needs to make changes after inquiry, they are advised to contact via email, or text for a more urgent response, charges may be incurred , deposit lost or I may no longer be able to keep the booking

- No booking is secured without a deposit received and a text confirmation (bride/booker is advised to check this text and make sure the date is correct, this is the bookers responisbility to check)

- A further deposit/fee may be necessary if a assistant is needed (see assistant)

- Moving to a new year or having a second date/event usually requires a second deposit to cover the new date and will be charged under the pricing struvture they move into 

- No trial can be booked without deposit and event/wedding date secured as I’d be unable to guarantee the date remaining available until trial.


- Although cash is accepted at trials, bank transfer is preferred ; your trial cost bill is due within 24 hours of trial and usually paid whilst I am still present, payment over this time will result in a penalty fee of £20 per week past due date and could result in loss of deposit and booking

- Wedding/event day payment and deposits are to be paid via bank transfer only, cash on the day will not be excepted

- Bridal payment is to be paid 2 weeks in advance, if payment isn’t provided 2 weeks in advance (or when owed) booking and deposits will be lost and payment still expected, I cannot turn up to work without payment, you have agreed too, i can only keep my part of our agreement (turn up) if i am paid when owed (in advance)

- By paying a deposit you are agreeing and confirming you are able and will pay all balance owed including fees, on time .

- price lists are to view anytime on my web page, its the brodes responisibility to acknowlege bank holiday (including the friday of the bank holiday weekend)has a diffreing pricelist, booking before bank holidays are announced/failer to say upon booking or trial may still result in bank holiday costings still being required .

 Contact -

if contact cannot be gained by Lauren to the bride/booker , Lauren reserves the right to cancel without work or deposit refunded, i always confirm each appoinment and booker/bride is expected to respond so i know my trip isnt wasted, even with pre payment involved 

This includes...

-Laurens messages/contact being ignored (no update of new contact info, no replys or responses, viewed byut not responded too ect)

- Lauren being at loction at time/date agreed/confirmed with no answer or acsess ,RESPONSE OR REPLY, as part of our agreeement Lauren must be ableto gain acsess at time agreed or she reserves the right to return home without refund, i will always wait a resonable amount of time - (but i cant be expected to wait around if ive had no contact/explination/update)

- Lauren has working hours she asks you to respect and keep in mind, however should a emergency happen and you need to update me quickly PLEASE use 07511563997 over wifi options (i may be driving)Should clcientes be unrespectfull of working hours, Lauren reserves the right to halt further contact after agreement termination 

Minimum call outs –

- I have a two person minimum call out for mid week trials, 3 person minimum call out for any work on weekends or bank holidays

- The numbers we agree upon at inquiry/trial is the numbers expected at appointment,

- Should a number be agreed upon and then not provided with....

_Two weeks or less notice to your booked appointment, you will be charged as full as agreed upon for the full party regardless of numbers present (invoiced cost)

_10 days after your trial – 3 weeks before your styling booking you will be charged £25-40 per person not present over minimum call out number that you had agreed to be present and paying.

-you will always be expected to cover the minimum call out cost regardless of notice , this includes myself and any hired assistance/help (*see assistant)


- Assistants vary, each person may own their own business with the own unique T&C beyond these listed

- Deposit and booking fees are non refundable

- Assistants have their own minimum call out fee, if cancellations are made after deposits/fees are paid via myself you may still need to pay agreed amount even with number changes or risk loosing your deposit and booking with assistant, depending on T&c and notice, this may result in full balance still owed regardless 

- Assistants are paid via myself, and communications are made through myself your direct number is not given to 3rd party’s, and I advise brides not to get in touch with assistants without my knowledge

- Assistants may require payment 4 weeks in advance, or other changes to follow their own T&C , please note 10 days following the deposit/fee paid to secure assistant is your ‘cooling off period' to make any changes, past this point payment is expected as agreed even with changed to number, changed to location/time or adding on number will lightly result in fees.

- Assistants are to be protected, H&S to T&C, space and respect and withhold the right to stop styling without refund if they feel unsafe or mistreated or unable to work in a professional manner

- should you be unhappy with assitants work/attitude or other issues, please note they are not part of 'plaits and pin curls' simply a 'subcontractor' i hold no rights to isue refunds, change T&C or make buisness decisions on their behalf, you are always welcome to turn down my advice to book an assitant.

-Assitants sickness/cancellation , each person/buisness will have unique T&C, my responisbility stops at booking and money handeling, you will be provoded with information to get in touch directly.

Extreme weather /acts of god/ unable to travel/ sickness / unable to work

- Should I feel /I am advised it would be unsafe for me to drive, you will have the opportunity to pay for a return taxi (snow/ weather warning ) should you wish to turn down this opportunity, and find no safe alternative, your booking may be lost .

- If I’m simply unable to leave the house/honour booking through events out of my control, I will try my best to rearrange or find similar cover (lockdown, personal emergencies etc.)

- I always aim for stylist similar in work, cost and location ;should a stylist I find suitable be found and available, costs will be transferred by myself and information transferred directly to the stylist and bride informed of change.

- Should the only stylist available charge a different amount/ have time difficulties ect , you will have the opportunity to pay the rest or find your own cover (cover stylist are not expected to work below their own pricelist)

- If I am unable to attend a booked styling that cannot be rearranged (wedding hair etc.) and another stylist cannot be found refund payment will be made within 6 weeks, should it not be a issue taken up with insurance .

- Should Lauren be extremely unwell/hospitalised mentally or physically unable to respond, my next of kin (Husband) will do their best to get in touch, no refunds will be made without proof owed, or before the 5th week to give time for recovery.

- Should I be demanded/ordered or advised to stay in from law enforcement, government or other forces (eg. jury duity) , but I am able and willing to work but prevented , bookers are advised to check insurance as refund isn’t guaranteed under these circumstances, it will be a case by case .

Cooling off period/ refunds

- 10 days following your trial, this is the time to make changes to your style, wedding date information and changes that effect invoice, past this date full payment and fees are to be expected

- 10 days following your deposit being placed , changes and refunds can be made free of charge, past this point your NR deposit becomes Non-refundable, and changes will lightly incur fees.

- I cannot refund work that has been done, if you are unhappy with your hair in any way, please use your 10 day cooling off period to rebook a discounted trial, please note minimum call outs may still apply for some postcodes/travel times, however please note I cannot work for free and deposit are NR if you choose to cancel

- Should I truly think, believe or feel I am not the correct stylist for you, I reserve the right to refund your deposit (only, I cannot refund work I have done) and cancel your booking without finding cover (as long as it’s more than 2 weeks notice for the wedding date)

- Should I be unable to make your wedding date due to events beyond my control (lockdown, government order/natural disasters/jury duty ect) but I am well and able to attend, simply prevented ; I would suggest brides to check insurance and look at reschedule, refunds will be given on a case by case basis.

Working conditions/hair prep

- I require a clean, clear and safe space to work with chair, plug, table

- Homes that are deemed unsafe either by faulty electronics, risk of heath or safety to unwatched animals and danger or health and safety risks will not be entered or service Halted/unfinished without refund

- I require for no contact with dogs, or other animals, please keep all pets away from me (hot tools!)

- Hair must be clean, fresh and dry (unless pre agreed ) hair that is unworkable, may not be styled without refund, this covers hair unwashed (to greasy to work upon) over processed and would fall out/snap if worked upon and/or a heath and safety hazard (including headlice, ringworm, sores and other skin or heath issue I deem a worry)

- I reserve the right to stop, halt or refuse service on heath and hair care grounds without explanation or refund

- Any concerns must be given in advance via written (text or email) for paper trail purposes

Heath and safety

- Any and all heath concerns and issues must be raised in advance of my arrival,

This includes my own and all present (being styled or not)

- I reserve the right to halt, stop, refused styling without refund or exploration even on prepaid services if myself, assistant or anyone in the room feels or risk assess a danger, risk , heath concern.

_This includes but isn’t limited to, threatening or violent behaviour, refusal to follow H&S or T&C, a heath worry that was not discussed before my arrival, unsafe environment, smoking

or vaping/drug use or excessive alcohol consumption around me or my assistant, children or animals unwatched and close to hot tools, no suitable space to work.

- Unclean homes/hotels or spaces provided by booker must be to a standard I can work safely, this required space , a clean clear surface, indoors with safe electronics , lighting ect .. houses that pose a risk of things falling on me, deemed a heath concern or simply inappropriate will not be entered and styling will be halted and discontinued. A refund is unlikely to be issued, as I was not warned to honest standards before my arrival.

- I reserve the right to ask background heath questions that may keep myself, assistant, kit/tools safe or enable myself to style/protect hair more informatively

- You may be asked to take and provide results for tests before I’m able to provide a close contact service

- You may be asked to ware a mask, I reserve the right to refuse styling if my own and others heath is not being protected without good cause (exemption)

- You or your party may be asked to help carry kitbags , to help protect my health and ability to style/protect my kit

- If I feel a heath concern is present, and ‘kept secret' I reserve the right to halt styling until I feel safe, this will not be refunded if I was not notified clearly and honestly by email or text in advance of my arrival

- If you have a heath concern that could impact my own heath, I withhold the right to cancel, rearrange, ask for PPE or tests.

Kit/tools/possessions and business care

- Clients, suppliers or party members are not to use, touch, borrow, move or take Laurens kit, bag, tools , products or possessions personal or business

- Laurens car must be offered safe, reasonable parking with costs covered by the bride/booker

- Advice to ‘safely park’ being incorrect resulting in tickets must be covered by bride/booked or whomever advised the parking to Lauren , since I was not offered clear, reasonable and safe parking (as above)

- Should I be advised or be provided with/have no option to park in a space my car needs moving mid service, this time is taken away from styling, please provide a space I can continue to work so your not at risk of someone not getting their hair service as this time will not be refunded.

- Should my car/possession or kit be damaged , mistreated, stolen ect on your property/within the room you have booked/in the ‘safe space’ you provided me with , you may be asked to provide any CCTV, help with insurance forms and Lauren reserved the right to call the police, staff or other forms of help if she believes the issue needs to be delt with or elevated quickly, she also reserves the right to halt styling until the safety of her and her possessions are restored.

- Although I take every step to take care of my car, should accident or emergency happen on the way to your service, you may be offered to pay for a return taxi to get me too you, or asked for help, if you are unable to or refuse to, please note I will lightly be unable to get to you, your refusal will be understood as a cancellation.

Location/timelines –

- It is the bookers/brides duity as part of our agreement to make sure I can gain access at time and location pre agreed, if I’m unable to get in or get in touch making me late to start, it’s

lightly a party member(s) will go without styling and refund as I was unable to gain access as agreed.

- You must be on time as part of our agreement or risk party members going without service without refund due to time issues ,

- I am unable to move room/location or travel once my kit is set up/heated .

- I cannot guarantee my rundown or timelines provided will be followed exactly, they are only a idea

- I do need a person to style, if nobody is provided, they are late or attending to other matters and miss their slot, they will be charged as agreed without refund.

- If you confirm the wrong location, I am not liable or expected to find cover/refund or be able to get to you fast enough to style all promised, please double check confirmation info.


You do not need to sign anything or send/recive documents, by paying your deposit you are agreeing to uphold all T&C alongside H&S and laws , by payment of your deposit to Lauren Hallam-King you are enting a contact and agreeing to follow all Terms and Conditons , including correct payment in the discussed time frame (within 24 hours or trial) 2 weeks prior to event/wedding/pre booked date 

By paying your deposit you are agreeing to these terms and conditions, heath and safety alongside agreement to pay owed invoices/bills/services provided at time agreed

You are agreeing to take care of mine and any assistance heath, by only inviting me into homes/hotels/spaces that are safe (clean, space , no hazard, animals and children away, no smoking/vaping, a safe and comfortable atmosphere (no violence or noise levels it would be uncomfortable to work with, no sickness bugs, illness or heath concerns within 7 days of service without prior notice)

You are also agreeing to be present and able to start promptly at time/place and date agreed upon, by payment of your deposit you agree to pay amounts owed/fees on time and that you have read, understand and agree to all T&C and H&S.